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San Francisco, CA City Map

San Francisco, CA City Map - Adobe Illustrator

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Product Description

The San Francisco, CA City Map offers an affordable medium-detail vector map of the greater metropolitan area in editable Illustrator or PDF format. Each individual layer can be individually edited or easily turned off, allowing the designer a great deal of flexibility to show or hide as much detail as is required by the project. See the sidebar for a complete list of features / layers available on this digital map.

Additional Info

  • These blank city maps are made from government data sources. Data quality varies throughout the country due to different data sources. Some maps may have missing street lines, ownership borders, annexes, and label errors which we have no control over. Maps should be used for general overviews of cities, road networks, borders, and regions and not as a close-up representation of city streets. These maps have a resolution of 300 dpi so it is suggested that no more than a 200-300% zoom be used, since major distortion will show at greater zoom levels.

All Digital Vector Maps' downloadable Illustrator & PDF maps allow you to:

  • scale to virtually any size without loss in detail or quality
  • easily show/hide individual map layers
  • customize every detail of the map, including all line work, text, color specifications and map symbols
  • zoom in to any portion of the map without loss of image quality
  • add your own custom graphics and map symbols

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Features/Layers on This Map
  • Border & Scale
  • Text
  • Railroad / Rail Lines
  • Highways (not labeled)
  • Roads (road names are *not* labeled)
  • Hydro / Water Casings
  • Water Features
  • Landmark Fill
  • City Borders
  • National Park Borders
  • County Borders