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Minnesota Map High Detail

Minnesota Map High Detail - Adobe Illustrator

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File format: Adobe Illustrator (3208 KB)

Product Description
The Minnesota Map High Detail is our highest-detail state map and is one of the most detailed state vector maps available on the web, at the lowest price. Using the latest available map data, all major map objects / features reside on their own layer which you can easily show/hide, and edit as needed (a complete list of features/layers is available in the sidebar of this page). This map contains color-coded urban areas, city and community borders, as well as border lines & fills for National Parks, Indian Reservations, Rivers, Lakes and much more. City colors are based on population density, and all colors & details of this map are easily customizable. Also included as a separate Adobe Illustrator file is a generic legend of all major map symbols (state capital, airports, railroads, etc.). This map offers one of the best values for a high-detail vector map on the web, and uses the latest map data.

All Digital Vector Maps' downloadable Illustrator & PDF maps allow you to:

  • scale to virtually any size without loss in detail or quality
  • easily show/hide individual map layers
  • customize every detail of the map, including all line work, text, color specifications and map symbols
  • zoom in to any portion of the map without loss of image quality
  • add your own custom graphics and map symbols

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Features/Layers on This Map
  • Map Legend (included as separate Illustrator/PDF file)
  • Border & Scale
  • Hydro Text
  • City Text
  • Park Text
  • DOD Text
  • Indian Reservation Text
  • States Text
  • County Text
  • Forest Text
  • Shields
  • Airports
  • Capitals
  • Utilities
  • Rivers & Streams
  • Coastline
  • Railroad
  • Interstate Highways
  • Federal Highways
  • State Highways
  • Evergreen Trees
  • Crop Regions
  • National Parks
  • Dept. of Defense
  • Indian Reservations
  • National Forest Border
  • Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Lakes & Rivers
  • County Borders
  • Oceans & Seas
  • Cities
  • County Fill
  • States
  • Canada & Mexico