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Digital Vector Maps produces functional and beautiful graphical maps in editable Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats. The following collection of articles and frequently asked questions can aide you with how best to use our digital maps.


Frequently Asked Questions

    1. All the map layers currently have matching masks around them.  You can scale these masks down by first unlocking all layers.   Next, select the “direct selection tool” (white arrow) and select just each of the four corners of the map border masks holding down the shift key. This well select all the masking frames in all layers. Now use the scale function. This process is very, very tricky to do!
    2. The easiest and fastest way to mask your map is select the rectangle tool and draw a box over your map that covers everything.  You can make it any color, but 99% of the people choose white. Next, do the exact same thing but make a smaller box inside the first.  Make sure your rulers are on so you know you covered the correct area. Now select both boxes and in the pathfinder menu click on “Exclude overlapping area.”  This should create a donut showing the map area you want exposed.  It might be a good idea to do this in a new layer so you can turn it off or move it around.