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Royalty Free License Information

Royalty Free License

Your purchase of one or more maps from Digital Vector Maps entitles you to unrestricted use of our maps in your print, multimedia, and web projects.

Examples of projects for which our digital maps can be used include:

  • Website graphics
  • Resale products such as books (print and eBook), magazines, games and many other products which may require the use of a high-quality digital map
  • Packaging materials for things such as book & magazine covers, CD labels and product boxes
  • Promotional materials such as brochures, pamphlets, posters, displays, etc.
  • Video or film productions and broadcasts

NOTE: If your digital map purchase(s) make up more than 25% of your final resale product (for example an atlas or print map), you must include the following copyright along with your own:

Map(s) Copyright © 2023 Digital Vector Maps

Additionally, your purchase of a digital map entitles you to:

  • share maps with up to 10 people in your workgroup
  • share maps with clients and production services (such as printers and service bureaus), provided that the maps are a part of a creative work involving said clients and production services
  • make backup copies

You are not permitted to:

  • Resell digital map files as stock art in any format or media.
  • Share map files outside your workgroup.

Map Source(s):
Data sources derived from U.S. Dept. of Defense Vmap0 map data, U.S. Dept. of Transportation data, USGS, NOAA, U.S. Census and Digital Vector Map data.