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Digital map clip art is best described in the following terms:

  • Electronic illustrations that can be inserted into documents
  • Previously created illustrations that one can use as is, or modify by ungrouping, combining with other illustrations, and adding different backgrounds, borders and effects

The term 'clip art' derives its name from pre-digital media. Art was once literally clipped out with scissors and pasted onto a layout page. Although technology has advanced profoundly since clip and paste days, ‘clip art’ has remained as a viable term to describe what is now digitally clipped and pasted.

Clip art maps can be useful in the following projects:

  • Website graphics
  • Resale products such as books (print and e-Book), magazines, games and many other products which may require the use of a high-quality digital map
  • Packaging materials for things such as book & magazine covers, CD labels and product boxes
  • Promotional materials such as brochures, pamphlets, posters, displays, etc.
  • Video or film productions and broadcasts

Digital Vector Maps is pleased to offer detailed and editable map clip art for all your media project needs. All maps are available in Illustrator and PDF formats and all major map objects reside on their own layers, allowing the artist to easily show & hide map elements as needed. Whether you need map clip art in the form of a blank world map, a detailed vector map of the US States, or one of many digital globe maps, browse through our map clip art catalog to find quality Illustrator maps in vector format for your graphic design project.

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